Poison Ivy Pocketbook

leaves of three, will you remember me?  (2022)

leaves of three, will you remember me?  is a collaborative artwork created through a series of educational embroidery workshops with a focus on Poison ivy, facilitated by artist Sarah Zanchetta in partnership with the Kortright Centre for Conservation. Each embroidered square of this piece was sewn with care by a workshop participant.

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Learn more about Sarah Zanchetta, the workshop and the final artwork here.

Poison Ivy Pocket Book

Informational zine developed in collaboration with Sarah Zanchetta for her 2022 exhibition and workshop: "leaves of three, will you remember me?"

As a part of the initial workshops, a printed poison ivy pocket book was created for workshop participants to take home and on their future journeys into the wilderness. The zine folds out to reveal a black and white poster of the plant and it's berries that readers can colour in and hang up.  

Learn more about Sarah's exhibit and see the final work here.

Click here to view a digital copy - physical copies available upon request.

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