Created as a collaborative process with the Admissions & Recruitment team, the OCAD U Creative Sketchbook was created to inspire and encourage creative learners and prospective students. Designed out of the pandemic, it was a way to connect with young creatives and provide them with creative prompts that could be accomplished with the materials and resources around them. Prompts were intentionally conceptual and experimental, with minimal guides on which materials or mediums to work with. As creative workshops and summer programs weren't being offered, this helped us engage with creatives and give them language and guidance in the portfolio-building process.

The workbooks have continued since, with a new publication coming this Spring 2024. In the original editions, OCAD U Medal Winner work was featured alongside the illustrations and photography of my colleagues and myself. In the latest edition, we removed our personal work and engaged OCAD U alumni to create or submit existing work that could respond to various prompts. This helped us to create a more intentional workbook and connect with alumni outside of our office. 

Alumni and Medal Winner work is credited throughout the book.

Calligraphy and book design by Vibeke Silverthorne

Credited photography work and concept by Maryanne Casasanta

Credited illustration work and concept from Samantha Bertram.

Creative Direction from Sarah Currie

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