TDSB Sensory Path: The Bear & the Crow

(2020) Applied Arts Winner

This project was developed to create physical engagement for developmentally delayed and kindergarten students that tied into a educational curriculum.

Physical activity supports an active mind and provides extra benefits to children with developmental delays.

Working alongside Occupational and Speech Therapists, I designed custom decals based off their extensive research that would encourage different levels of movement for students. These designs were placed in three TDSB schools.

Illustrations are inspired from the curriculum-based story: "Crow and Little Bear", so students can follow the path with the story. See below for a walk-through.

Wall Designs : Areas of the sensory path include hand-painted wall murals with various activities. Each activity has adaptable levels for both primary and junior level students. This images also tie in with the story, so children can follow along throughout the path.

While the decals were originally designed for the Intensive support programs, more and more classrooms are incorporating into their daily physical activities.

Interactive: Each element has three levels of exercises that teachers can access by QR codes along the wall.

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