Poster found online and in transit, reaching students and young adults on the computer and on their commute. 

(Thesis) Winner of the OCAD U Advertising Medal, selecting the best thesis projects for each graduating program.

Background: The LGBTQ+ bookstore/event space/ that offers education, community, friends, and more. Young people are finding this space online but how can we introduce them to a store that can give them those same values in a physical space? 

Through surveys and interviews with range of queer Torontonians, employees and residents of Glad Day, we discovered our insight: People just want a place to be themselves at their own pace.

Idea: Find yourself at Glad Day

Stage One: Who's at GladDay? Alongside posters, we learn about the models themselves: Video for social media and pre-roll for targeted content.

Stage Two: What's at Glad Day? Sneaking Glad Day's best sellers in cafes and community centres, to get queer lit out to a queer audience. Get people talking about Glad Day. 

Stage Two: What's at Glad Day? Creating events to bring in an online community. LGBT+ youtuber panels on comedy / music / vlogging. Create a real-life venue for an online fan-base. 

Third Stage: Be part of Glad Day. Give audience a chance to show off what they've gotten out of Glad Day.

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