2nd place campaign in the OCAD U Masters Presentation, showing the top campaigns from the Advertising program for 2018. Working alongside Ishleen Singh, Sidney Gagne, Drishti Patel. 

Objective: Apothic is being passed over by millennials. How do we connect with these consumers?

Insight: Millennials care more about who they're with than what they're doing.

Our Idea: Perfect Pairings. What pairs better with relatable millennial content than Apothic? Relate, relax, and savour the moment. Our campaign includes a curated Apothic playlist with Spotify.  We're bringing  Apothic into the Cineplex VIP menu and along for Snakes & Lattes game night. 

Curated Spotify playlist for an Apothic night in so you can enjoy a bottle of Apothic and your best friends.

Pairing with game restaurants like Snakes and lattes, we offer an Apothic special to tie it into your game night.

Before you head over to the party, grab some chips and a bottle of Apothic

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